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BBA 9 2014

Frequently asked questions about Big Brother Africa season 9 2014 (Hotshots)

Why did AfricaMagic screen Big Brother Africa 9?

Due to the demand for another Big Brother Africa series, AfricaMagic decided to screen the 9th season of the show called Big Brother Hotshots.

How was BBA 9 different from the previous seasons of Big Brother Africa?


Which were the participating countries in BBA 9?

Big Brother Africa season 9 participating countries were: Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Each country had 2 representatives. 12 of these countries were returning countries while the 13th country was new to the Big Brother Africa game.

The 12 returning countries were: Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe while the new country was Rwanda.

Why was Angola not part of BBA 9? Why was it replaced by Rwanda?

Africa is a diverse and growing market and we are experiencing subscriber growth in new markets all the time. Rwanda has been identified as one of those key markets and with Angola having its first dedicated Big Brother Angola show which started on May 25, 2014, the business took a decision to include Rwanda.

Why was my country not included in BBA 9? What are the qualifications to make a country part of the show?

Big Brother Africa season 9 2014 included 13 countries (Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.).

The countries were selected to participate in the series based on the popularity of the series format in those markets, as well as the large DStv subscriber bases established in these markets.

AfricaMagic greatly appreciates the support that the series receives in other markets and so will work to include those markets into the show in other ways, outside of having a housemate in the house. This means that audiences from across the continent can vote on the series, and that performers and special guests from their countries may be included in the series.

Big Brother has enjoyed a wide popularity across the continent and AfricaMagic is pleased that it draws support from Africans across borders and outside of the nationalities represented. This serves to highlight that Africans support other Africans regardless of where they live or what their nationality is.

When did Big Brother Africa 9 start, end and it lasted how long?

Big Brother Africa season 9 started on Sunday, October 5, 2014 and ended on Sunday, December 7, 2014. It lasted 63 days (9 weeks).

What was the prize for BBA 9?

The prize money for Big Brother Africa season 9 2014 (Hotshots) was USD300,000.

Where was BBA 9 being filmed?

Big Brother Africa 9 was filmed on location in South Africa.

Why was BBA 9 filmed in South Africa?

To ensure that a wide variety of countries can participate in Big Brother Africa, AfricaMagic made the decision to base the Big Brother Africa house in South Africa.

This ensures that AfricaMagic can invest more in the show's production without having to contend with the higher logistics costs that arise when the show equipment moves location. However, the show features content from all of the participating countries.

Why did AfricaMagic ask people from my country to enter and to watch this show that I regard as immoral?

Research has shown that previous seasons of Big Brother Africa were widely watched throughout the continent. Also, the choice to enter the show and the choice to view the show is an individual one.

Who was the host of Big Brother Africa 9?

Ikponmwosa 'IK' Osakioduwa from Nigeria was the host for the 6th time.

Where was BBA 9 screened?

Big Brother Africa season 9 (Hotshots) was screened live 24/7 for 63 days on DStv channels 197 and 198. GOtv audiences were also able to watch highlights from the show.

Who produced Big Brother Africa 9?

Big Brother Africa season 9 was produced by Endemol SA for AfricaMagic.

What was MultiChoice Africa's role in BBA 9?

MultiChoice Africa did not produce Big Brother Africa 9. MultiChoice Africa provides subscription services to the multi-channel, digital, pay-tv products DStv and GOtv on which Big Brother Africa is shown.

What were the rules of Big Brother Africa 9?

A rule-book was made and given to housemates. General rules included - no contact with the world outside while in the Big Brother house, strictly no violence and an obligation to nominate fellow housemates for eviction.

Other than the cash prize, which other prizes were awarded in BBA 9?

Apart from the grand prize of USD300,000 which was won by Idris: Laveda, Samantha, Nhlanhla, JJ, Idris, Sipe, Sheilla and Macky2 were given Head of House gifts.

Tayo, Macky2, Samantha and Sipe won star meter gifts.

Goitse won a Tecno Phantom Z smartphone for the Selfie task.

Nhlanhla won a trip to Nigeria with 40,000 Rand spending money for the channel O #TIA song.

The finalists were presented with medals.

Tayo was appointed a ONE Ambassador.

Who won Big Brother Africa 9?

Idris Sultan, a 21-year-old photographer from Tanzania won 2014's Big Brother Africa season 9 (Hotshots) after getting the most votes (5 country votes).


Who were the BBA 9 finalists?

8 housemates made it to the final week of Big Brother Africa season 9. They were: Butterphly, Idris, JJ, M'am Bea, Macky 2, Nhlanhla, Sipe and Tayo.

Idris won the season with 5 votes: Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Tayo became the runner-up with 2 votes: Mozambique and Nigeria.

Macky 2 finished in 3rd place with 2 votes: Zambia and Rest of Africa.

Nhlanhla finished in 4th place with 2 votes: Botswana and South Africa.

JJ finished in 5th place with 1 vote: Zimbabwe.

Sipe finished in 6th place with 1 vote: Malawi.

M'am Bea finished in 7th place with 1 vote: Ghana.

Butterphly finished in 8th place with no votes.

Who were the BBA 9 housemates? How many were they?

There were 26 housemates in Big Brother Africa season 9 from 13 African countries.
Each country had 2 representatives. 12 of these countries: Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe were returning countries while the 13th country, Rwanda, was new to the Big Brother Africa game.

The housemates were:

1. Alusa: Melvin Alusa, aged 33, an Actor, Radio Drama Director and MC from Kenya.

2. Arthur: Arthur Nkusi, aged 23, a Radio Presenter from Rwanda.

3. Butterphly: Tariro Mharapara, aged 24, a Radio and Television Presenter and Producer from Zimbabwe.

4. Ellah: Stellah Nantumbwe, aged 23, a Sales Assistant from Uganda.

5. Esther: Esther Namuddu, aged 23, a Student from Uganda.

6. Frankie: Frank Rukundo, aged 33, a Singer, Model and Actor from Rwanda.

7. Goitse: Goitseone Kgaswane, aged 22, a Student from Botswana.

8. Idris: Idris Sultan, aged 21, a Photographer from Tanzania.

9. JJ: Jerome Arab, aged 23, a Singer, Actor, Director, Rapper and Songwriter from Zimbabwe.

10. Kacey Moore: Desmond Amidoo-Amoah, aged 29, a Poet and Songwriter from Ghana.

11. Laveda: Irene Neema Mwesiga, aged 23, a Graduate from Tanzania.

12. Lilian: Aimiehi Onyinyen Afegbai, aged 22, a Model, Actress, Presenter and Tax Collecter from Nigeria.

13. Luis: Luis Tshita Munana, aged 23, an Associate Producer from Namibia.

14. M'am Bea: Beatrice Buabeng Oppong, aged 25, a Fashion Designer from Ghana.

15. Macky2: Mark Mulaza Kaira, aged 29, a Hip-Hop Musician from Zambia.

16. Mira: Zulmira Miguel Andre Ngobo, aged 21, a Student from Mozambique Mozambique.

17. Mr. 265: Masuzgo Mark Msiska, aged 23, a Television Presenter from Malawi.

18. Nhlanhla: Nhlanhla Nhlapo, aged 24, Business Analyst, Actor and Model from South Africa.

19. Permithias: Elioth Owosebo, aged 25, a Singer and Professional Chef from Namibia.

20. Resa: Theresa Liteta, aged 25, an Event planner, MC and Public Speaker from Zambia.

21. Sabina: Sabina Stadler, aged 28, a Television Personality and Student from Kenya.

22. Samantha: Samantha Jansen, aged 29, a Businesswoman from South Africa.

23. Sheillah: Tshegofatso Sheilla Molelekwa, aged 21, a Student from Botswana.

25. Sipe: Sipherile Chitambo, aged 24, a Hairdresser and Management Student from Malawi.

25. Tayo: Akintayo John Faniran, aged 28, a Model from Nigeria.

26. Trezagah: Euler Elias, aged 31, a Rap Musician from Mozambique.

Who were the ex-housemates that returned in BBA 9?

On Day 42 of Big Brother Africa season 9 (Hotshots), another twist was added. 10 former housemates returned to compete against the current housemates. Each ex-housemate was from a country that was still competing in the game. The current housemates had to compete to impress Africa to keep them. If the housemate was not good enough for the fans, then that ex-housemate would replace him/her.

However, this was a prank that Big Brother played to the housemates to see how they would cope against their competition. The ex-housemates were not competing for the money, but were sent by Big Brother to cause havoc in the house.

The exes left on Day 49 and they were:

1. Peo/Miss P - Botswana, from season 6.

2. Elikem - Ghana, from season 8.

3. Natasha - Malawi, from season 8.

4. Leonel - Mozambique, from season 4.

5. Uti - Nigeria, from season 3 and season 5.

6. Luclay - South Africa, from season 6.

7. Feza - Tanzania, from season 8.

8. Denzel - Uganda, from season 8.

9. Sulu - Zambia, from season 8.

10. Vimbai - Zimbabwe, from season 6.
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