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BBA General

All the answers to the questions you may have about the Big Brother Africa reality TV show.

What is Big Brother Africa?

Big Brother Africa (BBA) is the African version of the Big Brother reality TV show. The show initially involved 12 African countries namely, Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe with two countries Ethiopia and Mozambique being added in season 4 and two other countries Liberia and Sierra Leone being added in season 7 while Rwanda was added in season 9.

Each country provides at least one contestant living in an isolated house while trying to avoid being evicted by viewers and ultimately winning a large cash prize at the end of the season.

When did Big Brother Africa start?

The first season of Big Brother Africa started on May 25, 2003 and ended on September 7, 2013. It lasted 106 days and Mark Pilgrim was the host.

Can DStv audiences restrict access to Big Brother Africa in their homes?

Big Brother Africa is rated 18. Programming for Big Brother including the 24 hour channels (197 and 198) have restricted access through the parental guide functionality on the DStv decoder – so parents are able control viewing of Big Brother.

When do housemates enter the house?

Housemates enter the Big Brother house during the launch show of every season.

What can housemates bring into the house?

Housemates are given a rulebook stating exactly what kind of items they can bring into the house.

However, no electronic equipment can be taken into the house. Big Brother will go through what housemates are taking into the house with them and reserves the right to remove any items that have been excluded as per the rulebook.

How much stuff can a housemate bring to the house?

Two suitcases. No clothing with prominent logos or labels are allowed.

Are housemates allowed any contact at all with their families e.g. written correspondence?

No verbal or written communication is allowed with anyone outside the house, unless a housemate has an urgent family crisis and this is still subject to Big Brother's discretion.

What happens if a housemate falls ill while in the house?

In the event of a housemate becoming ill, they are given first aid or may have a nurse or doctor called in to attend to them.

If their condition is serious, they are admitted to a hospital accompanied by a member of the production staff and security personnel as it is strictly within the conditions of Big Brother to maintain minimal contact with the outside world.

However, should their illness mean that they have to be away from the house for a long period, it is unlikely that Big Brother will allow them to return.

What happens if there is violence in or around the house? How does Big Brother handle this?

There is 24 hour monitoring of the house and there are strict security measures in place to ensure an immediate response.

Further serious violent action carries with it the penalty of immediate eviction from the house.

Is there nudity and sex in the Big Brother house? And does M-Net show nudity and sex to viewers of Big Brother Africa?

Nudity and sex is not what the Big Brother reality show is about. However, the organisers anticipate that there is some semi-nudity screened, when the housemates are dressed in swimming attire and the like.

More importantly, there is a VIP subscription available for those viewers who wish to access the restricted scenes as Big Brother does not broadcast the nude scenes which includes Shower Hour.

In addition, Channels 197 and 198 carry an appropriate age restriction of 18 that ensures the use of a parental guidance facility, which helps parents restrict viewing should they so wish; and throughout its duration every Big Brother Africa season is handled with sensitivity and discretion.

Audiences are also reminded that Big Brother is created specifically for viewing by adult audiences.

Who is Big Brother?

Nobody knows, but he sets the rules for the house, and you want to be on his good side at all times whilst staying in the house.

What kind of tasks are assigned to the housemates?

All tasks are reasonable and involve team play. They are for Big Brother to know, and for housemates to find out, but housemates will never be asked to perform anything outside acceptable ethical and moral standards.

How do the housemates get food provisions in the house?

Housemates are given a healthy daily allowance of basic foods. This diet includes vegetables, carbohydrates such as rice and maize meal, meat, poultry and fruit.

Anything outside these foods is regarded as a luxury item, and may be ordered from a special shopping list provided by Big Brother. All meals in the house will have to be negotiated and agreed with by the other housemates.

Are housemates allowed to leave the Big Brother house if it gets too much?

Housemates are free to leave at any stage during the process, on the understanding that they cannot return and may be replaced by someone else.

A minimum of 24 hours' notice is normally requested by Big Brother to make departure arrangements. Housemates will be obliged to provide a reason for their exit to Big Brother in the diary room.

Are housemates locked into the Big Brother house?

All doors to the outside are locked, yes, but housemates are free to leave at any stage as long as they explain why and understand that once out of the house they cannot return.

Big Brother can open the doors at a moment's notice in the event of an emergency.

Will Big Brother keep housemates' families updated while they are in the house?

Big Brother will have contact with their family should it be necessary due to illness or other arrangements but housemates may not request anything from their family nor request any messages to be passed on to their family.

How are housemates expected to behave in the house?

The Big Brother house is their home for the duration of their stay. Therefore they are expected to behave as naturally as they would in their own environment.

Will the cameras expose housemates when they are using the toilet facility?

Housemates will not be shown using the toilet facility. However, should this facility be used for any other purpose other than that what it is designed (e.g. conversations); it's at Big Brothers discretion to use the footage.

Will housemates be allowed to practice their religion?

It is one of the prerequisites of joining the house that all members are tolerant, and any practices housemates wish to follow will be tolerated.

Will the housemates be permitted to discuss global, continental and local politics?

The housemates can discuss matters of a political nature but these discussions cannot advocate hatred. Any housemate inciting violence through hate speech may face expulsion from the Big Brother Africa house.
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